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Events calendar

Pop-up De Luxe
29. 11. až 02. 12. 2022

Pop-up De Luxe

Tuesday 29. 11.—02. 12. 2022

When in 1958 Czechoslovakia won the gold star for the best pavilion at the World Exhibition in Brussels, it was an award not only for our architecture or design, but also for gastronomy. The pavilion was home to the exquisite restaurant De Luxe, run by the chef Florián Zimmerman, and the whole world came to dine with him. It was a phenomenon of luxury and the menu included crayfish or foie gras, but ketchup was also considered a luxury at the time. Now, the creative chefs at Ambiente have sourced the original recipes to cook for you on the extraordinary culinary pop-up De Luxe.

"We were never able to taste the dishes, but we will try to approximate their flavours so that even today they are truly deluxe, i.e. exceptionally tasty and beautiful for guests. We know little, but we know enough. And so we are building on long-lost foundations to create an experience that will stand up to today. We look forward to seeing you!" - Chef František Skopec

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19. 11. až 18. 02. 2023


Saturday 19. 11.—18. 02. 2023

Do you know what the best kill looks like? 🐷
Your favourite Local, our butchers, deer, jitrnice, sausages... a little bit of everything. Don't forget the carefully curated beer, entertainment and music. And the most important thing? You, our regulars! 🍻

So where shall we meet?

19. 11. U Zavadilů, Pod Divadlem
26. 11. Korunní
3. 12. Nad Stromovkou
10. 12. U Jiráta
7. 1. Hamburk
14. 1. Kuželka, Pod Divadlem
28. 1. Korunní
4. 2. U Jiráta
11. 2. Dlouhá, U Zavadilů, Pod Divadlem
18. 2. Nad Stromovkou

We look forward to seeing you! 🙂

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